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While reviewing a declarations page from an insurance carrier, I noticed that hazard and flood are written on the same policy. Do you have any recommendations on what I should be looking at for regulatory purposes?
The Agencies address this question in the 2022 Interagency Flood Q&As in Private Flood Compliance Q&A #6. Per the answer to this question, a lender may accept a multiple-peril policy that provides flood insurance coverage as long as the policy meets the private flood insurance requirements according to the Regulation. See below:
PRIVATE FLOOD COMPLIANCE 6. May a lender accept a multiple-peril policy issued by a private insurer to satisfy the mandatory purchase of flood insurance requirement?
Yes. A lender can accept a multiple-peril policy that covers the hazard of flood, either in the policy or as an endorsement, under the private flood insurance provisions of the Regulation.
We had force-placed insurance on a loan from July 2015-September 2015. It is now 2023 and the borrower has provided valid proof of hazard insurance for this period. Must we refund the borrower for this overlap in coverage?
Per RESPA 1024.37(g), you must refund the borrower for ANY period of overlapping insurance coverage and remove all charges associated with the force-placed insurance within 15 days of receiving evidence demonstrating that the coverage complies with the loan contract’s requirements. See below:
(g) Cancellation of force-placed insurance. Within 15 days of receiving, from the borrower or otherwise, evidence demonstrating that the borrower has had in place hazard insurance coverage that complies with the loan contract's requirements to maintain hazard insurance, a servicer must:
(1) Cancel the force-placed insurance the servicer purchased to insure the borrower's property; and
(2) Refund to such borrower all force-placed insurance premium charges and related fees paid by such borrower for any period of overlapping insurance coverage and remove from the borrower's account all force-placed insurance charges and related fees for such period that the servicer has assessed to the borrower.

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