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Tools to Grow Your HELOC Portfolio in 2023 

Banks and credit unions are adjusting to higher interest rates. The transformation from cash-out refinance to home equity loans, HELOCs, and unsecured home improvement lending is well underway. This has caused lenders to re-examine the competitiveness of their consumer lending product offerings.

Hundreds of lenders currently use an insurance solution that successfully transfers the credit risk associated with broader eligibility on HELOCs and unsecured home improvement loans.

  • Explore a strategy that can aggressively build your HELOC portfolio safely.
  • Discover how to transfer credit risk to safely allow higher CLTVs and lower credit score HELOC originations.
  • Learn how your bank or credit union can compete with FinTechs on unsecured home improvement loans.

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Duration: 1 hr

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Credit Officers
  • Chief Lending Officers
  • Consumer Lending Managers
  • HELOC Product Specialists
  • Consumer Risk Managers
  • Retail Bank Managers

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Does your institution have competitive credit risk management and consumer lending products to:

    • Meet the diverse eligibility needs of borrowers (higher CLTVs, scores below 700)
    • Compete with lenders re-entering the market post COVID and new entrants to the market (FinTechs)
    • Attract purchase money borrowers (piggyback structure, assist with affordability issues)
Transfer HELOC credit risk and expand your portfolio
Originate HELOCs with higher utilization rates.

Meet the Speakers

Our speakers offer over 30 years of combined experience in the banking and insurance industry.

Keith Marvel

Webinar Presenter
Miniter VP - Sales

Emily Carr-Stephens

Webinar Moderator
Miniter's Compliance Officer

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Duration: 1 hr

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